Jon Boilard was born and raised in Western Massachussetts. He has been living in Northern California since 1986. More than 50 of his short stories have been published in literary journals in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia. A River Closely Watched is his first novel.
"Boilard's debut novel is the literary equivalent of punk rock." —Kirkus Reviews
"A River Closely Watched is a stunning debut. You will hear from Jon Boilard again and again." —Steve Yarbrough,
Author, Safe from the Neighbors

"Compulsively readable." —Booklist
"There's an old saw among traders of collectible volumes that goes, 'A scarce book is one you'll find once in ten years of dedicated browsing; a rare book is one you'll find once in a lifetime.' By a similar measure, Jon Boilard is a rare writer, and his debut novel is a gem among rare reads." —Sonny Brewer,
Editor in Chief, MacAdam/Cage